TIKTING® is a reliable ticket management system

TIKTING® is a HelpDesk Management System designed to be incrementally adoptable for large scale companies.

Rich in Features an organisation might ever need.

TIKTING® is a reliable ticket management system

Track a conversation with all of its related incidents, correspondence, tasks and agreements.

TIKTING® integrates with all major email servers Office 365, MS Exchange Server, Google, Yahoo, MSN & common shared hosting email servers

TIKTING® uses grade-3 redundant database architecture which ensures its reliability when recklessly used by thousands of users at the same time.

Seamless integration with

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) &

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

TIKTING® - Blazing Fast Performance with thousands of records.



TIKTING® supports Secure authentication with Active Directory Integration.
TIKTING® supports Secure authentication with LDAP
TIKTING® has the most useful features for every medium to large-scale organization.
Change Management System is integrated with TIKTING®

Change Management

process that logs changes from incidents and problems and keep track of every change.

Complete solution that streamlines CAB (Change Advisory Board) collaboration and controls entire lifecycle of all changes to mitigate IT risks.

Escalation levels are provided to match any company’s hierarchical structure.

The time bound SLA helps to escalate the ticket to the next level. All essential incidents can be configured to send emails accordingly.

TIKTING® has a very detailed history for every ticket.
TIKTING® supports several escalation level with notifications and completely configurable SLAs

Ticket History provides a forensic report of all the events that ever happened to a conversation, tasks or any other status change.

Enormous Features yet a very intuitive and uncluttered design makes it human readable for every technical detail.

One click printable reports can be scheduled to email on daily, weekly, monthly or based on a customised criteria.

The dashboard presents the summary of open, unassigned, and SLA violated tickets in graphical view.

Scheduled reports for open, unassigned or SLA voilated tickets - TIKTING®
TIKTING® Time management is the key to your organization's success.

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